Tile RepairFor tile repair or replacement, you can rely on us to fix your broken tiles. We also repair leaking shower pans.

The most common bathroom shower issues we see are leaks caused from faulty shower curbs and incorrectly installed shower pans. With new shower waterproofing technology like Kerdi or Wedi, these leak proof shower systems can’t leak. We believe in these products so much, we will not install the old style vinyl liner with a mud base.

We can repair cracks to tile flooring, chips and loose or broken tiles or full replacement. Most cracks in floor tile are due to improper installation of the substrate under the tile. Sometimes it would be best to replace the whole floor if there are numerous broken tiles.

Kitchen backsplash tile repair can be challenging if you do not have leftover tiles from the original installation. Tile styles, patterns and textures are constantly changing. Most clients resort to changing out the entire backsplash with a new design. We can help you with your repair or full replacement.